Pellet Smoker vs Electric Smoker: Which is Right for You?

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If you tested a pellet smoker vs electric smoker, which smoker would come out on top? In this comparison between electric and pellet smokers, we’ll dive deep into the differences between the two, so you can determine which unit is best for your backyard.

Choosing the right smoker is crucial when it comes to smoking your favorite meats and achieving that delectable smoky flavor. Two popular options on the market today are pellet smokers and electric smokers. Both offer unique features and benefits, but which one is right for you? 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the differences between pellet smokers and electric smokers, their pros and cons, and provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

smoking meats on a pellet smoker vs electric smoker

What’s the difference between a pellet and electric smoker?

Before diving into the specifics of each type of smoker, let’s start by understanding the fundamental differences between pellet and electric smokers.

Pellet Smokers

How They Work: Pellet smokers, also known as pellet grills, use wood pellets as their primary fuel source. These pellets are made from compressed sawdust and come in various flavors like hickory, applewood, and mesquite. The smoker has a hopper that feeds the pellets into a fire pot, where they are ignited to produce smoke and heat.

Control and Temperature: Pellet smokers are known for their precise temperature control. They typically come with digital controllers that allow you to set and maintain the desired cooking temperature easily. This makes them ideal for slow cooking and smoking, as you can achieve consistent results.

Flavor: Pellet smokers offer a rich, authentic smoky flavor that many barbecue enthusiasts adore. The choice of wood pellets allows you to experiment with different flavors to match your preferred taste.

pit boss pellet grill

Popular Brands: Two of the most popular brands of pellet grills are Traeger and Pit Boss. Both brands offer superb quality at a competitive price point, though Pit Boss pellet grills and smokers tend to be lower on price.

Electric Smokers

How They Work: Electric smokers, on the other hand, rely on electricity to generate heat and smoke. They have heating elements and a wood chip tray that produces smoke when the chips are heated. Electric smokers are relatively easy to use; you simply need to plug them in and set the temperature.

Control and Temperature: Electric smokers also provide precise temperature control, thanks to their digital thermostats. You can set the temperature and forget about it, making them convenient for both beginners and experienced smokers.

Flavor: Electric smokers produce a milder smoky flavor than pellet smokers. While the taste is still excellent, it may not be as intense as what you get from wood pellets.

Now that we have a basic understanding of how these smokers work, let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of each type of smoker.

Overview of Pellet Smokers – Pros and Cons

Pros of Pellet Smokers

  1. Flavor Variety: Pellet smokers offer a wide range of wood pellet flavors, allowing you to experiment with different tastes and aromas.
  2. Precise Temperature Control: Their digital controllers make setting and maintaining the desired cooking temperature easy, ensuring consistent results.
  3. Versatility: Pellet smokers can grill, smoke, bake, roast, and even sear, making them highly versatile for various cooking methods.
  4. Efficiency: Pellet smokers are known for their efficient fuel use, with minimal pellet wastage during cooking.
  5. Authentic Smoky Flavor: They provide a rich and authentic smoky flavor that many barbecue enthusiasts prefer.

Cons of Pellet Smokers

  1. Cost: Pellet smokers are typically more expensive than electric smokers due to their advanced technology and features.
  2. Maintenance: Cleaning a pellet smoker can be a bit more involved due to the ash and grease buildup, which requires periodic attention.
  3. Portability: Some pellet smokers can be heavy and bulky, making them less portable than electric smokers.

Overview of Electric Smokers – Pros and Cons

Pros of Electric Smokers

  1. Ease of Use: Electric smokers are incredibly user-friendly, making them ideal for beginners. Simply plug them in, set the temperature, and you’re ready to smoke.
  2. Consistent Results: They offer precise temperature control, ensuring that your food cooks evenly and consistently every time.
  3. Low Maintenance: Electric smokers are relatively easy to clean, with minimal ash and grease buildup.
  4. Affordability: Electric smokers are often more budget-friendly than pellet smokers, making them accessible to more consumers.
  5. Space-Saving: They are typically smaller and more compact, making them suitable for those with limited outdoor space.

Cons of Electric Smokers

  1. Limited Flavor Variety: Electric smokers may not provide as diverse a range of flavors as pellet smokers, as they rely on wood chips for smoke generation.
  2. Less Intense Smoky Flavor: Electric smokers’ smoky flavor may be milder than pellet smokers.
  3. Lack of Grilling Capability: Electric smokers are primarily designed for smoking and may not offer grilling or searing options.

Things to Consider When Choosing between a Pellet Smoker vs Electric Smoker

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons of both pellet and electric smokers, let’s talk about the things to consider when making your decision:

Flavor Preference

Pellet smokers are renowned for delivering a rich, authentic smoky flavor that resembles traditional wood-fired barbecue, making it a top choice for barbecue purists and flavor enthusiasts.

Electric smokers, while still capable of creating a smoky taste, tend to produce a milder flavor than pellet smokers. The wood chips used in electric smokers release a more subtle smokiness, which can be preferable to those who enjoy just a touch of smoke without overpowering the meat’s natural flavors.

wood pellets smoking in a pellet grill hopper

A standout feature of pellet smokers is their extensive variety of wood pellets, each offering a unique taste and aroma. Whether you prefer the boldness of hickory, applewood’s sweetness, or mesquite’s earthiness, you can fine-tune your smoky experience to match your taste preferences.


Convenience is a huge factor that can significantly influence your decision when choosing between an electric vs pellet smoker. Each of these smokers offers a different level of simplicity in the smoking process.

The electric smoker shines as the go-to choice for those who prioritize convenience above all else. It’s remarkably user-friendly and straightforward to operate. With an electric smoker, you simply plug it in, set the desired temperature, and add wood chips. There’s no need to fuss with fire starters, ignition procedures, or managing a live flame. 

This set-and-forget approach makes electric smokers ideal for busy individuals or those who want a hassle-free smoking experience without the learning curve associated with other types of smokers.

On the other hand, pellet smokers, while offering numerous advantages, require a bit more involvement. They typically involve filling the hopper with wood pellets, igniting them, and setting the desired temperature. While not overly complex, it requires more attention and patience compared to electric smokers. This is perfect for someone who loves the hands-on experience of tending to their smoker. For some of us, that’s the best part of smoking meat!

Your lifestyle, cooking preferences, and how much effort you’re willing to invest in the smoking process will play a big part in determining which type of smoker is right for you.


Budget is a crucial factor that can significantly impact your decision when choosing between a pellet smoker vs electric smoker. Both types of smokers come with different price points, and your available budget will play a pivotal role in determining which option is the right fit for you.

Electric smokers tend to be more budget-friendly in terms of upfront costs. They come in a wide range of price options, making them accessible to a broad spectrum of consumers. Even at the lower end of the price range, you can find electric smokers that offer reliable temperature control and consistent performance. This affordability makes electric smokers an attractive choice for those who are just getting started with smoking or who have budget constraints.

Pellet smokers are often more expensive than electric smokers. The advanced technology and features contribute to their higher price tag. While the investment in a pellet smoker can yield exceptional flavor and versatility, consider your budget constraints and whether the added features align with your cooking needs.

Also, remember to factor in ongoing operating costs when evaluating your budget. Pellet smokers typically require the purchase of wood pellets, which can add to the price of smoking over time. On the other hand, electric smokers primarily rely on electricity, which tends to be more cost-effective in the long run.

Ultimately, your budget considerations will significantly affect your decision-making process. If affordability is a primary concern and you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get into smoking, an electric smoker may be the more suitable choice. 

If you’re willing to make a more considerable upfront investment and value the additional features and flavor variety offered by pellet smokers, then it may be worth stretching your budget for the enhanced smoking experience they provide.

Cooking Versatility

Pellet smokers are renowned for their versatility. These multifunctional devices can grill, smoke, bake, roast, and even sear, making them the Swiss army knives of outdoor cooking. This adaptability stems from their precise temperature control, which allows you to adjust the heat to accommodate various cooking techniques. Whether you’re smoking a rack of ribs low and slow, grilling steaks to perfection, or baking a pizza with a wood-fired flavor, a pellet smoker can handle it all.

In contrast, electric smokers are primarily designed for smoking. While they excel at this task, they may lack the versatility of pellet smokers when it comes to grilling or searing. Electric smokers focus on providing a consistent and controlled smoking experience, making them ideal for those who prioritize ease of use and consistency over a wide range of cooking methods.

If you’re looking for a smoker that can do it all and are passionate about experimenting with different cooking techniques, a pellet smoker is the way to go. Its adaptability allows you to diversify your outdoor cooking adventures and become a versatile backyard chef. 

On the other hand, if your primary goal is to focus on smoking and you value the simplicity and precision that electric smokers offer, then an electric smoker may be the better choice for you.

Space and Portability

Space and portability considerations can significantly sway your decision when choosing between a pellet smoker and an electric smoker, especially if you have limited outdoor space or plan to transport your smoker.

Electric smokers are generally more space-saving and compact. They come in various sizes, with some models designed to fit on small balconies or patios. This makes them an excellent choice for individuals with limited outdoor space. 

Additionally, the compact size of electric smokers makes them easier to store when not in use, which can be particularly beneficial for those with smaller outdoor areas.

Electric smokers are also relatively lightweight and easy to transport. They don’t rely on bulky wood pellet storage, and you don’t need to carry heavy bags of pellets with you. This makes them suitable for tailgating, camping trips, or gatherings at a friend’s house, allowing you to show off your smoking skills wherever you go.

On the other hand, pellet smokers tend to be bulkier and heavier. While they can still fit in smaller outdoor spaces, their weight and size may make them less portable. If you plan to move your smoker frequently or take it on the road, you’ll need to consider the logistics of transporting a pellet smoker, which may require additional effort and space.

pit boss tailgater battery powered pellet grill

The one exception to this is the Pit Boss battery powered pellet grill, made specifically for smoking and grilling on the go. I have personally used this smaller pellet grill at a family reunion at a state park. I was able to fit 9 good-sized hamburger patties on the wood pellet grill, and the burgers were smoked to perfection!


Electric smokers are known for their low-maintenance nature. They are designed to be user-friendly, and their straightforward operation also extends to maintenance. Electric smokers generate minimal ash and grease buildup, making cleaning relatively easy. 

Typically, you’ll need to wipe down the interior surfaces, clean the racks, and empty the drip pan after each use. This simplicity is a significant advantage for individuals who want to spend more time enjoying their smoked creations and less time on upkeep.

Pellet smokers often require a bit more maintenance. The burning of wood pellets generates ash, which accumulates in the smoker’s fire pot and can impact its performance if not regularly cleaned. 

Additionally, pellet smokers may have a grease management system that needs attention to prevent grease buildup. Cleaning the fire pot, emptying the ash tray, and maintaining the grease management system are essential to ensure the smoker operates efficiently and produces consistent results. 

While the maintenance process is not overly complicated, it requires more hands-on care and attention compared to electric smokers.

The choice between a pellet smoker vs electric smoker ultimately depends on your preferences and needs. If you value convenience and ease of use, an electric smoker may be your best bet. However, a pellet smoker might be the right choice if you’re a dedicated barbecue enthusiast looking for a robust smoky flavor and cooking versatility. 

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